Career FAQs

What does a typical day look like?

Our day starts with preparing for our clients either by catching up with notes or informal discussions between staff. Then our therapist sees 4-6 clients throughout the day providing intervention, parent education or writing reports.

Do I need to provide my own equipment? eg Laptop, phone, car, clinical equipment?

Therapists are expected to have their own laptop, togs, phone and car however all clinical equipment is provided.

Is there a CPD allowance?

$1800 CPD allowance is allocated per year and is accumulated each month and starts after the first 3 month probation.

What support is provided or who can I go to if I have a complex client or situation?

Our therapists are offered weekly mentoring with an industry mentor. With parent permission, therapists film the client they want further support with and are able to case study with the industry mentor.

Are there opportunities to connect with the team in person/attend social events?

The team engage in the occasional “Wellness Wednesday” activities which are either during lunch or after work. These are to foster camaraderie and healthy support within the team.

What administrative support is provided, eg for scheduling and taking payment etc?

Our amazing practice manager supports therapists with all clinical needs (ie scheduling, payments, direct communication with parents, bookings and emails, etc). Our therapists are not expected to undertake reception or admin work and can refer parents to the practice manager if they require more information or assistance.

Would I be expected to work on weekends?

We respect work life balance and do not ask staff to work weekends or public holidays. We occasionally offer social opportunities to support comradery amongst staff however these are completely voluntary and are unpaid.

What career development opportunities are there within the company?

Employees are offered positions of leadership if that is the direction they wish to take. The company is flexible and supportive in empowering staff to roles they want to take.

What opportunities are there to work with the other disciplines as part of a multi-disciplinary team as and when required?

Our team is super supportive of one another. We often work closely with each other to achieve goals and collaborate. We love learning from each other and each bring a different skillset and repertoire to the team.

What kind of caseload would I encounter?

Strong and Courageous works with children under 10 years old who are diagnosed with neurological, chromosomal, genetic and development disorders.

Our Occupational Therapist’s caseload specifically specialises goals that support a client’s activities of daily living such as self care skills, play, learning, emotional regulation, and school readiness. Unlike traditional therapy, Occupational Therapy services during our BOOSTA+ programs work towards clear achievable intensive goals.

Are there opportunities to supervise/mentor and be supervised/mentored?

Occupational Therapists will be offered the opportunity for weekly supervision and hands-on mentoring by the Senior Occupational Therapist who has more than 4 years experience within intensive therapy. She has supported new graduates and has supervised many placement students. Our OT supervisor believes in supporting mentees through their own personal learning styles and is willing to support all staff members.

Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are supervised by a Senior Mentor with 15 years experience in leading clinics around Australia. This learning is personalised and structured to suit the career progression of the clinicians. For clinicians wanting to develop skills as a mentor or supervisor this can be discussed during team reviews and we always aim to provide opportunities for clinicians to extend their learning and experience.

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