What to look for in your therapy team

When you have a child with a disability, therapies are a big part of your life. In the words of Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo, Writer, speaker and founder of Miracle Mama

Therapies are a portal to possibilities and potential. Some families will fly across the world to access a life-changing therapy, others will drive hours to get there, and some families even move to different parts of the country to be closer to them.

We are often seeing more of our child’s therapists than our extended family and friends, so how do you know when you have found your ‘team’?

Therapists that want to be part of YOUR team.

Look for therapists and clinics that want to be on your team- not pushing their own agenda. They should want to know what other therapies you are doing, what is working well or not so well for you, how your week has been- these are the keys to building your team who should use their skills to help you to achieve the goals that matter to YOU and YOUR family

Therapists that are fun and playful.

Therapies for our kids should be challenging. We want to push the limits of what your child can do, to help them build their skills. But therapies are a long-term commitment for our kids; a marathon and not a sprint. So even as your child is being challenged, look for therapists that can walk that fine line to motivate your child through fun and play to help them meet their goals. We should be hearing giggles more than crying and seeing smiles more than protesting. When you find this combination, it builds a trust with your therapist that allows you as a parent to relax and allows your therapy team to do their thing.

Therapists that have expertise and are innovative.

Expertise comes from passion and time on the job- look for therapists that are committed to working with the paediatric population and love to be hands on with your child. Innovation comes from an innate drive to improve the life of your child, and a curiosity that drives us to try new things- technology, equipment and techniques. Search out therapists who are both experts and innovative and they will on your team for life.

So how about you? Have you found your team? Are you still searching? What are the MUST-HAVE qualities for your therapy team?